Monday, November 23, 2009

In the desert

I still cannot post updates from my memory stick, but the journey continues and each day is a revelation.

This very brief update comes by way of a cell phone connection and a very sticky key board, but the journey is as exciting and exotic as i could every have imagined.

About 20kms from our intended destination, Joghpur, a small sign said 9kms off the higway is Fort Chanwa Luni, and inquiries from the truck stop where we were having a simple lunch of rice and dahl confirmed that it had rooms available.

A brief phone call confirms that this is ultra luxury with prices to match but my negotiating skills with taxes, meals included, made it affordable.

and what  place it is. As the sign said, its 'a jewel in the desert' a 200 year old pinkish sandstone fort restored with modern facilities, including a swimming pool!

Before this trip I had business cards printed, to indicate the seriousness of my business of bicycle touring, and gave myself the title Chief Explorer and this trip, with decisions taken on the spur of the moment. I am starting to feel, I am living up to my own description.

Wishing you all, your own journeys and exploration,


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