Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Our bicycle tour of Sulawesi, Indonesia January/February 2009

Makassar Rest day 0
Takalar 50
Jeneponto 55
Bulukumba 68
Bira 47
Bira Rest day 0
Sinjai Truck ride for 30km 61
Paulette Watabone (Bone) 95
Sangkeng 83
Sangkeng Rest day (on lake) 0
Buntu Matabing 105
Buntu Matabing Rest day (Flores Sea) 0
Palopo Winding up into hills 80
Puncak Very steep incline 26
Tana Toraja Cool jungle, terraced rice paddies 36
Rantepoa Lemo, Londa Caves 0
Rantepoa Basar Bulo 0
Rantepoa Funeral Celebration 0
Batutumonga Steep winding ascent 24
Makala Steep decent 35
Ekrakang Karst mountains 79
Pare Pare Corn fields 82
Pare Pare Rest Day (on ocean) 0
Lejje Pools Batu Batu 73
Watangsoppeng Rice paddies 46
Malawa Many mountains 71
Bantimurung Huge mountains, humid jungle 53
Maros At Airport 33

TOTAL 1202

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