Friday, February 11, 2011

Selected Images of India #4


Ron said...

So sorry to hear about Alison's stomach problems. It's bad enough to get sick while away from home, but when you're travelling on a bike, it makes travel pretty nearly impossible, doesn't it? I was lucky not to get sick on either of my trips to India, but I always knew it could happen anytime. Ironically, after all the travel, including dozens of canoe trips, the one time I did get giardia (the so-called "beaver fever"), I got it in the Christmas season, in Muskoka. Never did figure out where, nor did any of my friends come down with it. Glad you got to Sarnath -- such a peaceful place to recuperate. I spent a day there and left somewhat "templed out." At one of the last temples I visited, a man yelled at me because I wouldn't hire him to give me a tour -- I didn't take the time to explain why that was so inappropriate in one of the holiest of Buddhist places.

Be safe, my friends, and keep those entries coming.


P.S. I'm cycling up a storm in Florida, trying to get into reasonable cycling shape for my long tour that starts mid-March. I'm also enjoying my Trek rental bike, so light compared to my Miyata 610.

rollingbicycletours said...

alison is all well and we enjoyed the "rest"in Sarnath

happy training!